Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chickahominy Pow Wow

Powwow is how the English settlers pronounced the word "pauwau", which referred to a religious ritual among Indians in New England. As the settlers moved west, they called similar gatherings "powwows."

An example of a modern pow wow is the Chickahominy Indians' 57th annual Fall Festival and Powwow held at their tribal grounds in northwestern Charles City County. This powwow is a religious ceremony, picnic, reunion, craft show and festival. The Indian announcer explains to the crowd that this is not for show but a sharing of their culture with everyone there and that this is the way they respect and keep alive their Indian traditions.

The one main theme you come away with is that there is no "I" or "me", it is always "us" or "our" people in reference to everything. I was immensely impressed when the Chief of the Chickahominy, Stephen Adkins, read aloud a letter of congratulations from Virginia Governor Kane regarding the completion of a doctoral degree by one of the tribe members. In addition to her academic accomplishments, Mayflower, is also a member of the Homeland Security Team. Her mother and grandmother were there to look on and comment about her accomplishes and related it to their own education.

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