Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mind the Gap

“MIND THE GAP”, how does the pursuit of federal recognition for Virginia Indian tribes differentiate from the efforts of other American Indian tribes in the past? Where’s the gap and why is this situation different? What tribal challenges do the Virginia Indians face?

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REZ_IPSA said...

The gap is really a matter of politics.

Clearly the Dept of the Interior's recognition process, as delegated to it by Congress, is painfully slow and flawed. How many Indian tribes are recognized each year? One? Almost the number of those Indian tribes who petition to acquire land in trust for gaming. Why, you may ask? Politics. People fear that recognizing tribes wil lead to casino development. NIMBY politics rule the day and the administration responds.

Legislative recognition is nearly impossible, given that political priorties and partisan scheming control whether sych a bill is successful. The last one happened at the end of the Clinton administration. The problem here is that NIMBY politics is on overdrive because politicians have direct contact with non-indian contituents.

Judicial recognition? Should courts excerise this legislative function? No. Thats judicial activism.